Our Commitment to Health

Our Story

This was my first experience working in the fields in Yamanashi.
At first, I had a hard time getting used to the low posture and heavy machinery that is used to work the fields. Also, the seeds I planted sometimes did not germinate well, and the crops I grew were sometimes ruined by the weather.

It wasn't easy for me to work in the fields. But, by silently watching the fields and touching the soil, I was able to come up with solutions to small problems and felt my body become lighter than usual.

Just as my mind and body have gradually healed through working in the fields, I've started to realize that it is our fundamental duty to bring health to those who consume the food we produce.
We aim to create a world where producers, consumers, and all living creatures in nature can live in harmony through a "story of health" that begins in the fields.

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